Pirates of the Caribbean Height Comparison

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Height Comparison

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise launched Johnny Depp into megastardom and put pirates back on the cultural treasure map, all beginning with 2003’s The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Pirates of the Caribbean is an American dream swashbuckler film series delivered by Jerry Bruckheimer and in light of Walt Disney's amusement park fascination of a similar name. The film series fills in as a significant part of the eponymous media establishment.

Captain Jack Sparrow is a fictional character and the principal hero of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. The character was made by screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio and is depicted by Johnny Depp.

There are 200+ characters in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. This is a list of most popular characters appearing in the movie. This list is of only Pirates and Other Main characters (no ships, chest, creatures etc).

Marty - 4' 0" / 1.24m

Marty was a minute yet extreme and solid bantam pirate working during the 1720s around Tortuga. In 1728, he was enlisted there by Captain Jack Sparrow before the quest for the Black Pearl as a component of his diverse group, collected to pursue Sparrow's foe Hector Barbossa. Marty cruised the HMS Interceptor to Isla de Muerta during Will Turner's endeavor to protect Elizabeth Swann from Hector Barbossa's reviled group, however was before long detained with different crew members in the brig of the Black Pearl. In the wake of taking the Black Pearl, Marty served under Jack Sparrow's order once more. Around 1729, following the experience at Isla de Muerta, Marty was caught alongside the remainder of the group at the Isla de Pelegostos by the local primative clan, yet with the assistance of Will Turner, he and his associates figured out how to get away and thusly went with Jack in the quest for the Dead Man's Chest. After the quest for the Dead Man's Chest, Marty was one of only a handful of exceptional to endure the assault of the Kraken. Marty was likewise one of the many pirates who battled against Lord Cutler Beckett's fleet for their opportunity during the East India Trading Company's War Against Piracy. In 1751, Marty rejoined Sparrow's group in Saint Martin on board the Dying Gull, participating in his captain's mission to track down the Trident of Poseidon. After the Trident was found, Marty served under Sparrow on board the Black Pearl indeed.

Angelica - 5' 4" / 1.63m

Angelica was a lovely however risky female pirate. Being an expert of camouflages, Angelica gained the craft of the con from the best, Captain Jack Sparrow. A lady who lies that are insights and bits of insight that are lies, Angelica was the girl of the scandalous pirate Blackbeard.

When a fledgling in a Spanish religious community, Angelica was prepared to take her commitments until she found love through her undertaking with the famous pirate Jack Sparrow. Subsequent to being apparently tainted by Jack, Angelica chose not to take her promises and participated in robbery with Jack. All through their sentiment, Angelica and Jack would either cherish one another or match each other lie for untruth and betray for deceive. They would sooner or later give each other gifts: a ring and a trim. After her relationship with Jack finished, Angelica proceeded with her life as a merciless rascal. In her later years, Angelica would rejoin with her dad, Blackbeard, and turned into the main mate on board the Queen Anne's Revenge.

Pintel - 5' 4" / 1.63 m

Pintel was an individual from the pirate teams, most eminently on board the Black Pearl, drove by Hector Barbossa and Jack Sparrow. In his many excursions, Pintel was seldom seen without his sidekick, Ragetti. Not long after joining Jack Sparrow's group on board the Black Pearl, Pintel and numerous others joined Barbossa in an uprising against Jack. It wasn't long after the group tracked down the Treasure of Cortés, did they turned into a reviled team. They would go through the following decade attempting to lift the revile until it was lifted by Will Turner during a fight with the British Royal Navy. Alongside the remainder of the group, Pintel and Ragetti were captured and brought to Port Royal jail. After a year, Pintel and Ragetti would get away from the jail and get together with Jack Sparrow's group on the Black Pearl in the wake of getting away from the Pelegostos.

Carina Smyth - 5' 5" / 1.65 m

Carina Smyth was a space expert and horologist around the center of the eighteenth 100 years. A girl of the scandalous pirate Hector Barbossa, she was left as a baby at the halfway house in England where she grew up without knowing reality with regards to her starting point. With the strange journal of Galileo Galilei being her main connect to her past, Carina turned into a splendid mastermind, a lady relatively radical. As a little kid she found work as a house keeper at Hanover Hall where she created interests in cosmology, time, and science. However ladies reserved no option to learn at college in her time, Carina battled to show what her can do as a researcher and show the world that her insight came from difficult work and not witchery. She in the end chose to find the Map No Man Can Read and the legendary Trident of Poseidon, wanting to disentangle the secret of where she came from, and find what her identity was genuinely intended to be. Cruising for the Caribbean she ended up in the center of the hazardous Quest for the Trident of Poseidon where she would experience the youthful mariner Henry Turner and the scandalous pirate Jack Sparrow.

Cutler beckett - 5' 5" / 1.65m 

Cutler Beckett was the Governor of the East India Trading Company. Brought up in a prosperous shipper family in England, Cutler Beckett joined the East India Company after a battle with his dad. For a long time he dependably served the Company, ultimately turning into the Director of West African Imports and Exports for the Company. From his post in Calabar, he coordinated a quest for the legendary island of Kerma, expecting to track down its unbelievable fortune. In any case, the mission for Kerma didn't succeed on the grounds that he was double-crossed by Captain Jack Sparrow, the man he confided in to the point of putting him accountable for his own boat, the ship Wicked Wench. Not just Sparrow didn't present to him the orientation of Kerma, yet he likewise freed a freight of slaves which Beckett's benefactor Lord Penwallow required for his estate in the Bahamas. Since Sparrow's demonstration demolished his opportunity to join the British honorability, Beckett requested his men to consume the Wench and by and by marked Sparrow as a pirate.

Elizabeth Swann - 5' 6" / 1.68m

Elizabeth Turner was the girl of Governor Weatherby Swann. With a gutsy soul and the need to break social limits, she had for quite some time been captivated with the freewheeling universe of marauders to a reason behind learning a tune about pirates as a kid. Throughout the long term, Elizabeth bloomed into a lovely young woman, however was perpetually discontent with the rich, homegrown life she had been naturally introduced to. Both Jack Sparrow and Will Turner change Elizabeth's ideas of sentiment and experience everlastingly, before long discovering that every one of the guidelines she had confidence in are intended to be broken.

Tia Dalma - 5' 7" / 1.7m

Tia Dalma was a secretive Caribbean seer. A spiritualist who uses the force of voodoo-like sorcery, there was something else to her besides met the eye. Before she was known as Tia Dalma, she was the ocean goddess Calypso, until the First Brethren Court fooled the goddess and detained her into the body of a human lady, with the assistance of her previous sweetheart Davy Jones.

Edward Teague - 5' 9" / 1.75 m

Edward Teague was a notorious privateer captain in the Caribbean and father of Jack Sparrow. An unbelievable privateer by his own doing, Teague at times re-showed up in the existence of his child Jack, who continued in his buccaneering strides. Teague was a criminal, yet with a blue-blooded bearing; a fearsome figure, however with unquestionable hints of pleasantness and weakness.

Ragetti - 5' 9" / 1.75 m

Ragetti was an individual from the pirate teams, most outstandingly on board the Black Pearl, drove by Hector Barbossa and Jack Sparrow. In his many excursions, Ragetti was seldom seen without his sidekick, Pintel.

Joshamee Gibbs - 5' 10" / 1.78 m

Joshamee Gibbs was the long-term companion and dedicated First Mate of Captain Jack Sparrow. Storyteller, helpful with a container, this veteran ocean canine was genuinely a talented mariner who cunningly explored his direction through numerous dangerous circumstances. The frequently dunked however consistently dependable Gibbs had a comprehensive information in every conceivable kind of pirate legend of the seven oceans and a luxurious preference for rum.

Jack Sparrow - 5' 10" / 1.78 m

Jack Sparrow was an incredible pirate of the Seven Seas, and the flippant prankster of the Caribbean. A commander of similarly questionable profound quality and balance, an expert of self-advancement and personal responsibility, Jack pursued a consistent and waste of time with his own best inclinations. Whether by cause or mishap, he was the fastest to immediately take advantage of the opportunity and make it his own. Jack's most memorable love was the ocean, his second, his adored boat the Black Pearl.

William Turner - 5' 10" / 1.79 m

William Turner Jr., was the lone offspring of William "Bootstrap Bill" Turner and his anonymous spouse. Over the course of his life, Will Turner was a refined smithy in terms of professional career, a fantastic fighter by pursuit and a sprouting pirate by destiny. In the wake of leaving on a few undertakings with Captain Jack Sparrow, Will embraced his pirate legacy as he sought after his own motivations. In spite of Will's earnest attempts with comply to the social class structure, he understands that a few guidelines are intended to be broken.

Armando Salazar - 5' 11" / 1.81 m

Armando Salazar was the unbelievable and unnerving pirate tracker who tormented the Caribbean. Hailing from Spain, Salazar was a Spaniard, a man whose family was obliterated by pirates when he was a youngster. Fixated on retribution, he turned into a high-positioning official of the Spanish Royal Navy and the beautified Capitán of the strong pirate-hunting ship, the Silent Mary. For a long time, Salazar threatened the oceans, hunting and killing a great many pirates until his breathtaking fall out of favor when a youthful pirate named Jack Sparrow outmaneuvered the savage Butcher of the Sea and drove him to his demise in the strange Devil's Triangle.

Hector Barbossa - 5' 11" / 1.82 m

Hector Barbossa was an incredible and savage pirate of the Caribbean. A chief of deceptive ethical quality, a contemptible pirate got back from the dead, and his very own expert destiny, Barbossa was a definitive survivor. Not one to be relied upon, Barbossa will in general respect the Pirate's Code just when it suits him. Merciless and clever, joining experience with foolish trying, Barbossa was likewise a lethal foe and foe to Captain Jack Sparrow.

Henry Turner - 5' 11" / 1.82 m

Henry Turner was the child of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. Following his most memorable experience with his dad, Henry chose to track down the amazing Trident of Poseidon to liberate his dad from his revile, a commitment to cruise the Seven Seas forever as skipper of the Flying Dutchman. At the point when he grew up, Henry enlisted in the Royal Navy with the goal to find his folks' old partner, the scandalous pirate Jack Sparrow. Trusting that the pirate commander would assist him with finding the Trident, Henry served on a few boats, until he wound up on the warship Monarch. During his experience, he experienced the unnerving phantom group drove by the Spanish pirate tracker Armando Salazar, who had mentioned him to find the man he was at that point searching for - Jack Sparrow. Subsequent to being unjustly blamed for weak leaving his shipmates, Henry had to shape a collusion with Sparrow, his pirate group and the youthful stargazer Carina Smyth. Pursued by the British powers drove by Lieutenant Scarfield and Salazar's murderous phantoms, Henry and his partners left on a hazardous excursion to find the incredible weapon that would give them control of the ocean.

Sao Feng - 6' 0" / 1.84 m

Sao Feng was an unbelievable Chinese pirate, notable as the Pirate Lord of Singapore and scourge of the South China Sea. Known as a savage chief, Feng controlled the ocean entries from the bathhouses of Singapore, had a multitude of Chinese pirates under his order, and utilized the lavish garbage referred to as the Empress as his lead. Initially a commander of a solitary boat, he turned into a Pirate Lord when he ousted his sibling Liang Dao with the assistance of Jack Sparrow during the Quest for the Shadow Gold.

Davy Jones - 6' 0" / 1.85 m

Davy Jones was the extraordinary leader of the Seven Seas as the censured commander of the Flying Dutchman. A fearsome and heartless commander, striking dread into the most intrepid of mariners, Jones turned into the stuff of different fantasies and legends of Pirate Lore, especially connecting with the Dutchman and Davy Jones' Locker.

Bill Turner - 6' 3" / 1.91 m

Bill or Billy Turner, however more normally alluded to as Bootstrap or Bootstrap Bill, was a pirate who worked in the Seven Seas. However with the essential treacheries of the pirate's life, Turner was a devoted partner of Captain Jack Sparrow. Eminent as a pirate and a decent man, Bootstrap Bill Turner was the dad of Will Turner, who continued in his buccaneering strides.

Maccus - 6' 5" / 1.97m

Maccus was a mariner who filled in as First Mate on board the Flying Dutchman under Captain Davy Jones. He was essential for the team during the hour of Jack Sparrow's quest for the Dead Man's Chest containing the core of Davy Jones.


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